The Consequences of Child Soldiering

The survey found that: Since abductees lost their education years to combat, they are nearly twice as likely to be functionally illiterate than non-abductees. Abductees subsequently earn nearly one third less than their non-abducted peers.

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Work found by abductees tends to be of a lower skill and capital-intensity. There is little evidence of social exclusion of abductees. Self-reported acceptance rates back into the community are high. Abductees are much more likely to vote and participate in community and political life than non-abductees.

The volatile conditions in the Central African Republic make the administration of justice difficult. Given the range of support for President Omar al-Bashir it isn't surprising that he's managed to resist pressure to step down.

For the thousands of children who have left armed groups, education is crucial to their reintegration. Schools and students are often targeted during times of armed conflict. Excerpt From Essay child soldiers research paper. Essay Instructions : Please include footnotes on each page.

I will be faxing my accepted thesis proposal so that you can have a better idea as to how to proceed in writing this thesis. Keep in mind that this paper deals with child soldiers in sierra leone research paper soldiers in Burundi and Sudan between There are faxes for this order. Essay Instructions : 10 pages in length, double spaced New Times Roman, 12 pt. Have an introduction with a clear thesis statement that presents a position on an argument and why you believe it is so.

He has never come back. This year, one of my elder brothers and two younger sisters were also abducted, on the same night. None of them has returned. The most distressing method of recruitment is without a doubt kidnapping. Not even your mother is supposed to know your hiding place. Rebels always force parents to show them where the children are hiding. UNICEF reports that the LRA has abducted children as young as 5 but mostly between the ages of 8 and 16, often after killing their parents in front of them.

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Those who attempt escape are severely punished. Girls are routinely raped. Ugandans may be at highest risk of abduction, but children in other nations have plenty to fear as well. Military commanders use proven tactics to produce unquestioning obedience in these homesick children while transforming them into killers. New recruits are often forced to kill or perpetrate various acts of violence against others, including strangers, escapees or even members of their own village or family.

The Turkish government is in total agreement and acceptance of these laws Good Essays words 1. This is normal for persons under the age of 18 in America. However right now, in other parts of the world, children are being bought, sold, and recruited into armies, where their fates and evenings are left in the hands of their leaders.

Many people wonder why children are so often recruited into armies, and what happens to them once they are enlisted. Many different variables, including what are called push and pull factors, can play a role in the process of turning a child into a soldier Strong Essays words 4.

But when she was killed by the rebels, I had to do something. Also we had no food, nothing to eat, but the soldiers always had more food. In the world, there are aboutchildren recruited as child soldiers Hill 1.

One-third of this number of children fight and serve for the government military or rebel groups in Africa Hill 1. Term Papers words 7. Child soldiers have their relatively normal childhood taken away if they are abducted. Instead of playing with the other children, they are forced to murder them.

Many are forced to watch the people they once knew be tortured and they may even take part in the act. Child soldiers are internationally banned, yet many countries still utilize them to this day. Uganda is one country in which they are used Strong Essays words 3. Innocent, vulnerable, and intimidated.

These words describe the more thanchildren in nations throughout the world coerced into combat. As young as age seven, boys and girls deemed child soldiers participate in armed conflict, risking their lives and killing more innocent others. Powerful Essays words 5. Parents are forced to tell where their children are hidden, if not they are tortured and even killed Steel.

After being abducted the children are then enforced to march to camp, anyone who attempts to escape is killed Steel. As soon as these children are captured they are immediately trained to fight. To transform these children into killers, there are many tactics used. Training was an extremely difficult time for most children because they had to learn to not be emotionally attached after slaughtering men and women The things that child soldiers are forced to do lead to a lot of psychological trauma.

A study has shown that children who are rescued often have nightmares, child soldiers in sierra leone research paper, recurring violent images, and intrusive thoughts. The children who were forced to commit terrible crimes or were the victims of the crimes have the most psychological damage Term Papers words 3.

That issue is child soldiers. The reason I am sending you, as Secretary General of the United Nations, is because children serving as soldiers breaks at least five of the rights stated in convention on the Rights of the Child that the United Nations made in In this letter I will provide you with certain info that you may or may not know about child soldiers.

I will also describe my concerns about children being soldiers by outlining what research paper child soldiers of the convention on the rights of the child are being child soldiers research paper Better Essays words 3. Through the generalised image of a young African boy as the basis of what consists of a child soldier, leaves a lot of confusion in the definition of a child soldier itself.

The ambiguity of legislation has led to different types of child soldiers, which in turn have different levels and classifications of agency. Although there has been an attempt to improve the life options of child soldiers through international treaties and legislation, their effectiveness is lacking through the continuation of the use and recruitment of child soldiers Better Essays words 5.

The breeze brings the faint cries of those whose last breaths are leaving their mangled bodies. Ishmael Beah wrote the tremendous story that was published in by Farrar, Straus and Giroux Beah Powerful Essays words 5 pages Preview. Things like this are tragic even for adults; dealing with death everyday, knowing that one could be killed any second by an opposing force can really hurt someone mentally, and physically. This tragedy is not really even thought of that much, even though the effects are severe Powerful Essays words 4.

Does it make you flinch. Maybe not, because you know that will never happen, right. Millions of parents in third world countries, in Africa and Asia, dissertation writing plan this nightmare.

Everyday children join or are recruited into the military. Any child under the age of 18 is a target. The most vulnerable are children under the age of The younger they are, the easier it is to control them. No children should ever experience anything this inhumane and horrific Every continent in the world excluding Antarctica used child soldiers in their army at least once throughout its history.

A 14 year old child in a war zone armed with automatic rifles, high-powered explosives, and drugs laced with gunpowder along with other dangerous substances sounds too grotesque and immoral to be actually happening; however, this is something that has happened numerous times during history, and continuesIt has been estimated that one in ten child soldiers or 30, children are found in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

One of the reasons the army, and the rebels, use child soldiers is that the enemy cannot find it in themselves Political liberalization, generally liberalization can be referred to as the relaxation of previous government restriction usually in research paper child soldiers areas of political liberalization can be defined defined as increasing citizen rights and liberties. Rufus E. Trafficking consists of the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons by means of threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, abduction, fraud, deception, the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person, for the purpose of exploitation.

Exploitation shall include, at a minimum, the exploitation of the prostitution of others or other forms of sexual exploitation, forced labor or services, slavery or practices similar to slavery, servitude or the removal or organs Human Trafficking, Many types of human trafficking and forms of exploitation exist and are constantly changing. The key types of human trafficking and forms of exploitation include sexual exploitation, labor exploitation of children, and exploitation for the purpose of begging.

Sexual exploitation is generally considered to be the primary form of human trafficking offenses. Sexual exploitation particularly affects women and children.

Exhortation A. Statistics 1. The median age of participants was 20 and the median age of abduction was One man preventing millions of people to go home, keeping kids hostage, abducting, and killing them. Narration A. People and their stories 1. Sam 2. Nicholas and Ninety 3. Catherine 4. Brother and Sister 5. Holocaust essay contest Isa 6. Patrick Chengo 7. Grace Aracha 8. Children B. Invisible Children 1.

Video, how it went viral 2. About, solutions, problems C. Partition A. Persuading Kony to retire 2. Children die, lots of casualties 3.

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Work together, Change 4. Social Change 5. Reconstruction, Time, and Effort IV. Refutation A Because not many people joined the army by free will, the army started abducting people. When in the recruitment got stronger and stronger, they started to abduct on a larger scale. South Sudanese leaders should help end widespread military use of schools by both government and opposition forces.

As the fighting spread, both sides targeted and killed civilians, including in gruesome massacres, often based on their ethnicity. Some 2. A fragile August peace deal has not ended the violence. The UN Security Council, which began imposing sanctions in mid, should sanction commanders who recruited child soldiers, and others credibly accused of committing serious human rights violations.

The Security Council should also impose an arms embargo on both sides to stop the flow of weapons that could be used to commit abuses into the country, Human Rights Watch said. Some of the children interviewed said they joined up when guns became available. Human Rights Watch documented numerous cases of recruitment - often forced - and use of child soldiers by the government child soldiers research paper, Matthew Puljang, and his forces who fought in Unity state, and by Johnson Olony, who has fought with both the government and opposition in Upper Nile state.

His forces recruited boys from just outside a UN base protected by peacekeepers as well as in the town of Malakal. Government commissioners, who perform a military function in times of war, also used child soldiers in the town of Bentiu, Unity state.

Another opposition commander took hundreds of boys from two schools in Rubkona, Unity state, in the first days of the conflict. We were afraid but we had to do it anyway.

Child soldiers in sierra leone research paper

Under the laws of war, the recruitment or use of children under 15 by parties to a conflict is a war crime, for which commanders can be held criminally responsible. Researchers also received credible allegations that commanders loyal to Taban Deng Gai, who became first vice president in Julyrecruited children in his home region of Unity in recent months.

The UN documented the use and recruitment of children by all sides in and On January 16,CTSAMM reported evidence of use and recruitment of child soldiers by forces loyal to the government, to Gai, and to Machar, and called on all parties to eradicate the practice and take steps toward demobilization.

International human rights law prohibits the use of children under 18 in hostilities; and enlisting or using children under 15 amounts to a war crime. Instead, Kiir rewarded some of the commanders suspected of abuses with new positions. Dozens escaped from there to other locations in Juba. In the Western Equatoria region, Human Rights Watch found that rebel groups forcibly recruited hundreds of children to fight government forces that waged brutal counterinsurgency campaigns in the region.

Human Rights Watch interviewed current and former child soldiers recruited by forces overseen by commanders, including Alfred Futuyo, aligned with Machar, and ap us history dbq essay examples with the South Sudan National Liberation Movement SSNLMa rebel group that signed a local peace agreement with the government in April and whose forces are awaiting reintegration into the SPLA. Like all child soldiers, they face social stigma, fear of arrest by government authorities, and significant delays in their education.

Some of the boys Human Rights Watch interviewed had missed up to four years of school. International actors should ramp up efforts to release child soldiers, reintegrate them into local communities and provide them access to schooling, in line with the Principles and Guidelines on Children Associated with Armed Forces or Armed Groups that provide detailed guidance for implementing programs to help child soldiers.

However, to be effective, such efforts need to be accompanied by steps to provide accountability and to end the abuses, Human Rights Watch said. These steps should include an arms embargo to formally ban the flow of weapons into the country. But it is not clear any documents were signed or if draft legislation was submitted to parliament.

Under the original August agreement, the AU Commission has the authority to establish the court with or without the engagement of the South Sudanese government, and should proceed as necessary for the court to become operational and hold perpetrators to account. If a credible, fair, and independent hybrid court is not promptly established, the option of the International Criminal Court ICC remains and should be pursued, Human Rights Watch said. Despite the August peace agreement, fighting spread to previously stable areas in the Equatorias and Western Bahr el Ghazal, as government forces waged abusive counterinsurgency campaigns to root out rebel research paper child soldiers.

In Juba and Yambio, from November 28 to December 12,Human Rights Watch interviewed 26 current child soldiers in sierra leone research paper former child soldiers from the former Unity and Western Equatoria states - divided and renamed inwhen the current government created 32 new states.

Most were forcibly recruited into government or rebel armies and forced to fight or do manual jobs for the soldiers. The boys were subjected to a range of abusive training methods and punishments, including beatings, forced confinement, prolonged standing in the sun, and jumping like a frog.

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Most of the boys appeared traumatized from the violence and being separated from their families. Most said they wanted to return to school and civilian life. Several attempted escapes multiple times, only to be re-captured. Some of us were very young. The youngest looked like he was 10…They were crying and saying that they had been taken away from their parents.

But if you cry too much, the soldiers beat you. Among them were Lt. Former child soldiers interviewed in late confirmed that recruitment continued over the past two years. Several said forces under Puljang recruited them in the spring child soldiers research paper fall of Some also named several commanders under Maj. Stephen Buay of Division 4 and others under Lt. The commissioner of Koch was also alleged to have recruited children.

At least one of those interviewed was sent to Juba in April to defend Machar when he returned to Juba as the vice-president in the transitional government under the August peace agreement. Researchers also received credible allegations that Gai - a former governor of Unity whom Kiir appointed to replace Machar as vice president after government and rebel forces fought in Juba in July - oversaw the recruitment of children in his home county of Research paper child soldiers in mid Human Rights Watch researchers could not travel to the region because national security officials blocked them and were unable to seek further corroboration of the allegations.

The following account is based on an interview with a year-old boy initially recruited by government forces in John Guangwak lived in the village of Wangkei, in Mayom county with his parents and siblings when rebel forces attacked in early John fled with his family to the UN site for protection of civilians PoC in Bentiu, where he spent two years before going back to Wangkei in Mayafter Machar returned to Juba under the August peace agreement.

These horrific scenes attract children to armed groups for revenge missions. Many of these children have witnessed their village colleagues come back with weapons and terrorize their parents and even loot their property. Other children get recruited willingly because of the benefits they see. Joining armed groups is viewed as a license to protect oneself and locality. When recruited, they are supplied with weapons, clothes and food. The arms provide them with power and advantage for protecting their families.

Other children join armed groups as a result of idleness because during conflicts, there is no school or work for them to attend to UNICEF In summary, children in war zones lack education, disrespect people and forcibly take things that do not belong to them. War has negative effects on write papers for me of children. It makes them turn to negative vices such as drug abuse and wondering around doing nothing.

It makes them lack regard to their parents. Children also join armed groups due to lack of food and security during the war. They are promised to own what they forcibly acquire. Owning a gun for these children gives them power to get food and security.

They loot property and kill many through ambushes. Scarcity or insufficient basic needs cause frustration and discontent among marginalized people including children. This can fuel violence in society where social and economic disparities are wide Machel Not sure if you can write a paper on Child Soldiers Problem by yourself?

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